Blake Krings Carpentry specializes primarily in furniture, including interior and exterior furnishings. Other custom woodworking services include furniture, trim, and speciality items like beams or railing and posts, mantles, etc.

If you contact me with a custom project request, I’ll give an estimate on cost and a time frame, as I’m not always able to start the project right away. I may do a home visit to help draw up plans and details based on your desires for the project. Read about a recent project I completed here on my blog. I’ve been doing woodwork for a number of years now, so if there is a special project you’d like done that’s not listed above, please contact me. 



All items are custom built, so prices fluctuate depending on the project. When I am requested to build a custom project, I draw up a design, get plans set and then set the pricing. Please contact me for more pricing information. Customer service and quality are the cornerstones of my work, so when I do custom work, I do not receive payment until the customer is satisfied. To see some work I’ve done in the past, take a look at my project gallery.


My Why

Many large companies, and even some smaller ones, do not conduct business in the way Blake Krings Carpentry does. Usually, the contractor draws up plans for a customized piece, and once the customer approves the draw-up, the customer pays the carpenter, and then the carpenter builds the piece.

As a policy, I will never accept payment until the customer receives their custom piece and is satisfied with the final product. I take a lot of pride in my woodwork, and I believe it is only fair for my customers to pay for exactly what they want. By not receiving payment until the end, this ensures that my customers are able to walk away with the perfect custom piece they envisioned. If I present them with a final product that does not match the exact description they were hoping for, they have the opportunity to work with me on revisions until the final product is what they planned to pay for.

My goal is to have the most satisfied customers in the carpentry business. I never want a customer to walk away with a final product that is not what they envisioned it being. Woodworking is my passion, and I will always do everything in my power to create the best pieces for my customers. I want my work to reflect my integrity, creativity, and skill.